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Editor's Showreel - Philosophy

In order to truly assess an editor’s work, my belief has always been to watch the whole film or episode from beginning to end. This is the only way one can truly evaluate aspects such as pacing, structure & performance – skills that determine what makes a good editor.


With that said, there are some short films here in their entirety for you to watch. However, this proves difficult for longer programs due to many reasons. So for the other titles, I have selected scenes that may reflect a facet of editing that I decided to showcase from that particular work.


But inevitably, I encourage you to seek out the titles that may be relevant to the project I am being considered for in order to accurately assess my work as an editor. 


I would be more than happy to help you facilitate a screener if you wish. Just contact me and I can send you a link or a disc for the titles you are interested in.

NOTE: When playing the clips, please ensure your Youtube playback settings are set to HD.

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