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“I'd nominate Rod Deogrades for Prime Minister, but his unique abilities (his understanding of film language and technique, his sophistication in the use of sound, his creativity, perceptiveness, sensitivity, and ability to collaborate)

would I fear, make him entirely unsuitable and over-qualified for the position.  Consequently, I can only in good conscience, recommend him as a first class film editor.  Now, if only he wasn't in such demand….”

     - Jeremy Podeswa, Director

“Without question, Rod is an outstanding editor. He has the heart of a writer, the eye of a filmmaker and the technical expertise of an IT guru. As a result, you get so much more than an editor, you get a true collaborator. He has indelibly stamped his mark on my last three films in ways I can only marvel at.”

     - Michael McGowan, Director / Writer / Producer



“Rod has an uncanny ability to make sense of a mountain of material, including the spoken and unspoken pieces that reside in a director's head and soul;  to quickly and synergistically execute living moving sequences. He does this with great efficiency and technical prowess. And then, sits back and helps to analyze its shape - with a sharp instinct for logic and structure.  Rod is a wonderful supportive partner in the epic journey of crafting and shaping,  revising, lingering and executing.  Highly valued. Highly recommended.” 

     - Liz Marshall, Director / Writer / Producer


“Rod was a true partner and collaborator. Nobody was more dedicated to the film and nobody worked harder. 

He is conscientious and meticulous, invaluable traits in an editor. He is also a gentleman and possesses the necessary combination of intelligence, candor, and diplomacy--a calming, reasonable presence when things get contentious in post, as they invariably do. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly, and I hope I get to work with him again.”

     - David Bezmozgis, Director / Writer



“He’s transformative. He can transform good footage into stellar, good stories into great stories, big ideas into grand ideas, and a pleasant room into a joyful place. If we could keep him busy full time and forever we would never let him go.  

But a talent like Rod’s must be shared.  But don’t be selfish – we want him back.”

     - Michael McNamara, Director / Writer


“Rod has shown himself to be imaginative, extremely dedicated, and creative in his various capacities as sound editor, sound designer and picture editor. Everyone is buoyed by his enthusiasm, positive outlook, relentless drive for perfection and seeming untiring ability to get the most out of the footage, and the most into the soundtrack.”

     - Jane Tattersall, Director / Sound Editor


“An amazingly sensitive and challenging eye.”

     - Daniel MacIvor, Director / Writer

 “Rod brings loads of passion, inventiveness, and professionalism to the edit room!”

     - John Greyson, Director 


“He has proven himself an extremely committed and thoughtful collaborator,  who takes great care and pride in his work.”

     - Wiebke von Carolsfeld, Director / Editor


“ Rod's technical proficiency, precision and work ethic are second to none.  In addition to these strengths, Rod brings creativity and a highly collaborative spirit to his editing work.”

    - Mike Munn, Editor

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